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As I laid in my bed this afternoon, in and out of this dream-like sleep, I felt a hand touch my face. A soft caress brushed against me as my eyes tried to open to see who it was.
All I could feel was as if someone swept their leg across me and straddled my hips and in an instant, two hands were firmly placed onto my chest in support as I felt this familiar rise and fall on my body. 
My eyes were trying hard to open, but they couldn’t.  My body wanted to give in to the rhythmic motions and so as if instinctually called to do so, I reached out and felt the deep curves of hips on top of me, rocking and circling.
And in the moment when I could feel my release so imminent, my eyes sprung open. The room was empty, but I could feel her, sense her still, in the air.
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